Blue Moon

Lonely as a wandering soul with no home

Unprotected by the warmth of another heart

Like a lone piece on a chessboard

Gliding from one place to the next

Lost and desolate,

She waits for the moon every night

With the hope that seeing something as lovely and beautiful

yet so distant and solitary

Can ease a heart that feels

as lonely and distant as a silver orb on dark waters.


Behind the Scenes: Lia’s Cakes in Season

Probably my most inspiring feature yet, the story behind Lia’s Cakes in Season’s establishment surely made me feel a bit more hopeful about things (like the future, maybe). The owner of the famous cake shop was once a clueless kid who had no idea of what he wanted to be. He was expected to pursue a career that he didn’t want but he tried to make his own path, hopeful that it would lead him to becoming a person that he’d always wanted to be. Not even three years in in college, he failed in his attempt to build his future.

Then, he tried again. Along the way he faced obstacles and countless bumps that probably made him lose hope at times, but the fact that he didn’t abandon the path that he was making was truly inspiring. In the middle of the path came the idea of his now popular shop, Lia’s Cakes in Season.


A slice of the famous avocado cake

When we went there, we were met by a large display of cakes which looked as good as they tasted. We learned afterwards that the ingredients used in making the cake were fresh and if they somehow messed it up, they wouldn’t sell it anymore. That was how seriously they took quality.


I don’t think I would ever forget the smell of the avocado cake. I remember how eager I was to eat the cake while I hovered over for a close up shot. I’d probably go back again just to sniff the heck out of it. Well, that sounded weird 😀


It makes me think of how humbling it must be to fail and feel so lost sometimes. I think that one good thing about failing is it keeps us grounded; it reminds us that we’re human and our capabilities can sometimes be lacking. However, the act of keeping on and moving forward is the true inspiration.

When was the last time you tried something new? If you’ve never had avocado cakes before then now is a good time to visit Lia’s Cakes in Season. Give them a like on their Facebook page and see what other cakes and delectable treats they offer.

Also, if you’d like to see my full review of Lia’s Cakes in Season (and their scrumptious avocado cake) click HERE 😀

Behind the Scenes: Egg- it Waffleshop

The day was gloomy and the smell of rain hung in the air but I was too excited to care. I was going to have some Hong Kong- style waffles and that was what mattered. Also, I was going to see my darlings so everything was alright. It wasn’t everyday that you could eat eggettes (for free) in the company of some of your favorite people in the world.

10593148_788001381252272_7103154964237726030_nWe almost got lost in Kapitolyo because of the many shops that lined the streets as we wandered and took in everything. And to be completely honest, it was fun. The “getting lost” part, I mean. It’s always fun to get lost in a place with your friends but not so much when you’re on your own. Usually.


In our defense, the shop was quite small so it was kind of hard to find. Also, we were all “directionally- challenged” so that was another factor. Really though, it was only because we suck at directions. It was actually easy to find since it sat at the corner of the street 😛  Anyway, the size of the shop added to the cuteness factor of the place and it felt really homey, like you’d want to come back again just to sit down, stare at the occasional passing vehicle and maybe eat some eggettes.

Mmm, eggettes.


I’ve never heard of these supposedly famous snacks before. Gawd, how uncultured! Egg waffles are basically waffles shaped like little eggs, hence the name. There was nothing much special about the batter but the toppings and the extra ingredients made all the difference. Egg- it had a whole line of waffles with different toppings on them, sometimes wedged within the batter, so all of them had something special to offer.


For some reason, this waffle reminded me of the Universe. It’s so beautiful, isn’t it? Also, bring it on, cavities!

10547469_788001241252286_3795645787776152644_nFresh mangoes!! Day= MADE.


My beautiful babies. I miss them so much.

After having gone through a whirlwind of delicious egg waffles, we left in such high spirits that we didn’t even mind when the rain poured down at last.

Check out Egg- it’s Facebook page and give them a visit in Kapitolyo! And if you want, you can also check out my full review on by clicking heeeeeere.

Behind the Scenes: The Baking Hub


Okay, so this is probably one of my favorite features I’ve ever written. My photography skills were also tested in this one as I had to make the cupcakes look especially tasty in pictures. I may not be the best photographer but I sure had fun taking pictures of/ eating the cupcakes!

The Baking Hub‘s cheesecake cupcakes are some of the most delectable desserts I’ve ever had. There’s no doubt about it. The cupcakes were baked by the owner herself who was passionate about baking so I knew, even before I held these cupcakes in my hands, that they would be good.


These sweet cheesecake cupcakes are The Baking Hub’s best- sellers and I definitely see why. What made these cupcakes special were the chocolates that were infused with the cheesecake recipe so I got the best of both worlds.


The cupcakes were moist and I honestly had a lot of fun eating them and trying out each flavor. I’m not even exaggerating when I say that my eyes rolled to the back of my head because of pure pleasure. It was that good.


From what I see they’re continuously getting lots of orders so I guess they’re doing well. New flavors have also been released and I hope to taste them someday. 😀


They hold meet ups and deliver to customers around Metro Manila so if you’re feeling sad or need something to pick you up then place your order now! Seriously, it’s a decision you won’t regret. Check them out on Facebook to know how you can get your hands on these delicious treats. Also click here to see my full review of the product on

Cheers to you and have a lovely day!

The Promise of a Beautiful Day

Fresh as a daisy under the morning sun

With beads of dew falling from its gracious stem

The drops slide from leaf to leaf

And fall to the ground with a spring

The sky, a blue that brings joyful memories

And the day as warm as a lover’s embrace

Gentle breeze sailing smoothly on skin

As hair dances softly with the wind

Eyes wander slowly, from the lines of my hands to the sky

As the clouds slowly drifted away

One by one, like my worries and fears

Mind as clear as a bright sunny day.

Friday Fictioneers #7: Uninvited


In the small spaces between the leaves of a bush, I could see men prancing around the great fire that burned with an ominous red and orange glow. The fire sent sparks of gold in the air which looked beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

The men wore veils that looked golden against the dancing fire which swayed with every movement they made. Entranced, I felt a shiver run down my spine that spread all over my body like a wildfire. I felt like an intruder, an unwelcome presence in this sacred ritual yet I couldn’t move.

I  really shouldn’t be here



Photo Copyright- Rochelle Wisoff- Fields

Black Dog


Nights as cold as the void in my chest
Heaving breaths and tear- stained cheeks
Held together by thinning hope
Feeling as lonely as the moon above
The faces around me
As distant as the stars in the sky
The darkness devours me
Until I’m close to nothing
I evaporate
Without a note, untraceable
Yet everyday, I get up
And pretend I’m okay
When I’m dying inside.