Lost Flowers


The darkness embraced me like a friend
But I knelt and yielded
Like a person seeing light for the first time
And I was owned
By the strange music that we danced to
And the symphonious music of beating hearts
Of bones crashing gladly
I was owned
I was answered
And on the lullaby went
Until the last stars finally gave way.


Still Midnight

The.  s         e         l of perfume
                m          l
So sickly sweet it smelt of d
The little cracks raced h
While the distance between grew w    i   d      e        r
I prepared myself for the truth

But it was never given
The sheets grew colder
I grew



Whispers of Flesh

Like droplets of water on velvet

Formed from the mists of a foggy night

Down, down, down it slid

Smooth as rain on a blade of grass

While the soft kisses of the morning dew

Clung onto the delicate tips of her eyelashes

A hand slowly traced the intricate lines that lay

hidden under a curtain of satin skin.


A poem about Jamie and Claire’s relationship *sighs* I ship them.

Outlander is such a good read. ❤ I’m so excited about the series too!

Sunlight in the Meadow


Take me back to that moment.

A moment full of color and freedom, expression and youth. I faced a rippling field, its elements swaying so very softly with the breeze. I felt thankful for whatever had happened in the past that led me to where I was. My heart soared high above, like a kite held by a string that was connected to my chest.

I felt your hand squeeze mine tightly, as if reminding me of something. “I know, believe me. I know.” I breathed.
We were alive at that moment and nothing could have been more true.

A line of tall trees separated us from the world; in that little meadow, only we existed. You hollered and jumped. You spun around. I could only look at you with the utmost joy in my heart.
The sky blew gently and shooed away the clouds. A thin ray of sunlight fell upon a little patch of land that wasn’t covered by tall meadow grass. Dazzled by the glint of gold that played upon the browning earth, I approached it. You saw me and went there too. A little out of breath, you sat down and took my hand. I looked at you and saw a hint of sadness in your eyes. If only there was some way we could preserve our little bubble…
“I know,” I said as I felt the happiness that I felt slightly ebb away, “believe me, I know.”

*The wind is blowing really hard right now and I can hear doors slamming. A massive storm was forecasted and it’s happening right now. I wish everyone stays safe.

Friday Fictioneers #6: Kiss the Rain


They could smell the scent of an oncoming storm as it hung heavily in the air. The sky showed a longing as strong as the one they felt. All was still but their bated breaths and eager hearts. Neither said a word for their mouths threatened to answer each other’s aches.

They held each other closely and communicated through their hungry eyes. They longed to touch, to dive into entanglement.

An excuse was all they needed.

The rain finally fell, harsh and violent as each drop bit their skin. Their lips touched and nothing seemed to matter anymore.


Photo by Kelly Sands

How I’ve missed this! For those who would like to join in on the fun, click here 🙂

Also, I borrowed Yiruma’s title for his magnificent piano piece “Kiss the Rain” which I highly recommend you listen to.

À bientôt!

Autumn Love




“Dude, did you even hear what I just said?” I asked the moron beside me that was my best friend, Jeremy. He was reading a stupid book again. Maybe that was why he wanted to ‘hang out’ in the park in the first place. It really was a glorious day but I felt used.

“Huh?” he said, not even taking his eyes off the pages. I hated it when people did that stupid noncommittal sound. I sighed as I leaned back against an old tree.

“I said, dum-dum, I slept with your sister.” It wasn’t true but I wanted to see his reaction and maybe annoy him a little bit just to get back at him for using me. “And I was the one who spat on your water when we were six.”

“Uh- huh.” Jeremy said as he flipped another page of the book.

“God, you’re sounding dumber and dumber. I don’t think that book’s going to do you any good.” I said and pried the book away from him.


“Is this a new one? Hmm, how fascinating. ” I skimmed through the pages until I got to the end, half- wrestling Jeremy away from the book. “Ah, so what happens in the end? Shall we read-”

“Don’t you dare do that again, Peters.” he said threateningly. The last time he called me by my last name was when I read out loud the last few pages of a book he had yet to finish. He didn’t talk to me for almost an hour. I knew then  that I had crossed the line and so I gave him back the book.

“Only joking, Darby. No need to get all worked up now. I wasn’t even going to read it, anyway. I was already bored to bits just skimming through it.” I said as I sat back down and turned to watch people strolling nearby.

“For your information, this is a classical tale of-”

But of whatever tale it was I never heard because at that moment, my eyes fell upon the most beautiful girl in existence. It felt like my heart dropped down to my knees and was attempting to do a somersault or something. My mind went completely blank. Everything was dimmed except for the area around her and I was momentarily blinded, and deaf, too, it seemed when I realized that Jeremy was still talking to me. He waved his hands in front of my face.

“You even listening?” he asked.

“Huh?” I felt utterly stupid.

“What are you grinning about? You look ridiculous, you should-” Jeremy stopped and I saw his head swivel to the front from the corner of my eye.

I turned to look at him and saw him smirk. “What?” I asked, a little too defensively.

He laughed as he shook his head, “Dum- dum.”


Another short fiction story based on a photo I saw, courtesy of Photos Public Domain.

I hope you have a good one!

Friday Fictioneers #5: A Promise

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright-Madison Woods

Copyright Madison Woods

After five years, I was home at last. The familiarity and comfort immediately took over me as I saw my parents. But I couldn’t sit around and decided to take a walk.

I was met by the rustling sound of leaves and smell of earth. It didn’t take long before I realized where I was headed.  A thought had been playing in my head long before I’d arrived.

Will I be seeing him?

As I approached a tree that stood in the middle of a clearing, one that held thousands of memories and a promise between two young people, a smile formed on my face and my heart swelled with happiness.

“You’re here.”


Wiiieee! Took a break from writing a 7000+ word thingamajig to write this hopefully light story for FF! 7000 words on a topic you’re not familiar with is exhausting then add in the pressure of a deadline! Phew! I wish to see the light at the end of this long dark tunnel soon~~

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